NEW for 2023 Softball-Control Pitch is an introductory league, Ages  7 – 8-  For many participants, this will be their first exposure to softball. The focus of this league is to teach fundamentals of softball fielding and hitting, as well as an introduction to the mechanics of the softball fastpitch (not used in games at this level).

Freshman Fast Pitch Softball, Ages 8 to 11 - This is the opening level of play for softball players.  Players should be able to run the bases with an understanding of how to score a double or triple and understand coaches' base signals.  While players will always work on the basics throughout life, their focus will involve concepts of double plays, force outs, and getting the lead runner.  Players will begin to understand that everyone has a job to do in every single play.  Emphasis will be placed on pitcher development as this is a key factor for teams that do well.

Junior Fast Pitch Softball, Ages 12 to 14 - Players should be able to understand all basic base running and will include the direction of stealing bases.  Pitchers will begin working to keep the runner close to their home base, while catchers will begin learning to block the ball and control base advancement.  The speed of the game is much faster at this level compared to Freshman, and there is a greater focus on base control and limiting the base runner's advancement.

Varsity Fast Pitch Softball, Ages 15 to 18 -  While players will always work on the basics, fielders should have a working grasp on double plays, cut-offs, and defensive strategies for limiting offensive base advancement.  Pitchers will continue controlling the runners, as will the catchers.  Catchers will start understanding how to control the entire defense by calling plays and pitches.