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Strikers Soccer Club is affiliated with the Clawson Recreational Soccer program and plays in MYSL and MSPSP. The purpose of travel soccer is the advancement of player development through experienced coaching and training in a competitive team environment. Our focus is the development of each player's individual skills and team play through hard work while maintaining a loose and fun atmosphere. We do not focus solely on game results, but the long-term development of the player and team both on and off the field.

2018-2019 Tryout Documents - Tryout Waiver, Tryout Guide & Registration Packet

Please bring your signed Tryout Waiver (right) to the Check-In Tent at tryouts. All players must have a signed Tryout Waiver in order to participate.

If you are selected for a team, you will need to go to the Check-Out tent to accept your position. You must present: (1) copy of player's birth certificate; (2) completed Registration Packet; and (3) Registration Payment of $125. Please see Tryout Guide and Registration Packet on the right for more details.